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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Thread on NATO suppor for the potential war in Iraq IndianaGreen, dolt that she (I think it's a she) is, evidently yearns for the days of the Cold War:

NATO was a mutual defense organization created to protect the West from "evil" Soviet Union. What has NATO done since the sad demise of the USSR? NATO bombed Yugoslavia. Did Yugoslavia attack any of the members of NATO? No!

Without a Warsaw Pact to serve as a constraint, all of the old alliances from the Cold War are being turned into agents of aggression and genocide for the glory of its American masters.

The wrong side "won" the Cold War!

Fidel Castro gets bit on the leg by an insect, so the DU'ers take the opportunity to extol the virtues of an oppressive society with a tin-pot dictator. IndianaGreen says

There are 11 million Cubans that will not trade their free universal health care for an American-style HMO. That's what makes a revolution!

My apologies. I honestly tried to read a thread in the 9/11 / Terrorism forum, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. The place is populated with rejects from alt.conspiracy. Take a look for yourself, but be sure to add another layer of aluminum foil to your hat before entering.

A poster named Psychoblues suggests swarming Free Republic. To the moderator's credit, the thread was locked.

Lord of the Rings is Racist. To their credit, most DU'ers are replying with, basically, "what a load".

I guess being part of a group is more important than being treated as an individual, as this link shows. A ittle veiled racism:

BUT, weather [sic] or not you want to believe it, groups do act in very similar ways on issues, so you look at groups and you see how they vote and you know what kind of mail to send to them, what kind of phone call , what kind of person you send to canvas their door ....

You dont send a black person to talk to hispanics...etc etc.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Redo From Beginning seemed the easiest way to fix the formatting problem. I also added some links to some of my favorite blogs.

Evidently my formatting was hideous. I guess that's what I get for using the standard templates here. I'll probably be making some tweaks over the next week. Please bear with me.

Another conspiracy theory. If there is an outbreak of smallpox in the US, a poster named stickdog thinks the source will be, of course, GWB:

No smallpox will be released domestically unless it is necessary to cement the police state.
And from repeater138 His last sentence is certainly accurate.
I wouldn't put it past them to try to make a controlled disbursement on a small town and use that to declare martial law. Or even to pretend as if smallpox has been released and manipulate the media into telling the public that it has been released, when it hasn't, in order to have cause for declaring martial law.

But then again I'm paranoid.

Government conspiracies get a lot of play at the DU. Here is a thread about the Wellstone crash and LIHOP.

FYI, "LIHOP" = Let It Happen On Purpose," the theory that GWB and his cohorts knew about the 9/11 terrorist attacks ahead of time, and allowed them to happen so as to make a grab for more power. This is from a poster named mopaul:

if wellstone, 9-11, and jfk are still considered unsolved, they will remain so forever. sad but true. really professional assasins don't leave evidence leading to them, but to nowhere.
He left the Lindbergh baby, Jimmy Hoffa, Judge Crater, D.B. Cooper, and the Loch Ness Monster off his list of unsolved mysteries..

"I'll take 'Beating a Dead Horse' for $400, Alex."

I pity any fool who disagrees with their argument that the 2000 election was stolen -- screams of "Freeper!" are the likely reward.

Monday, December 23, 2002

A thread on tax reform.

I find the content of this thread interesting, but what I really want is to use this as an example of the DU Administrators' stifling of dissent. Several posters who consider lower taxes, or tax reform in general, a good thing have been banned. Look at this link to see the rather infantile "tombstone" the DU gives to "disrupters". Their definition of "disrupter" is rather broad. So far, the best I can figure is "post something not in keeping with orthodox DU dogma and you're outta here." This thread has become a virtual Gettysburg with the number of posters banned.

I love the Economics Forum, and will probably post a lot of links from there. The DUers in general have a very, umm, (what's a polite way of saying "ignorant"?) Clintonian view of all issues economic.

Here is a thread started by Economics Dude, a poster that actually knows what he's talking about, in which he tries to provide some basic information to help with their woeful ignorance.

Alas, Economics Dude, I fear your information will fall on deaf ears (so to speak). papau's response is typical:

He even mentions the Laffner curve - a CURVE THAT DOES NOT EXIST! it is a mess of dots and a wished for trend line. Most Supply siders have dropped that nonsense.
That the Laffer curve exists is, IMHO, pretty much a given. The difficulty is determining it's shape for any given set of taxes, etc.

One of my favorite forums at the DU is Environment/Energy. Typically, anything alternative is embraced uncritically, regardless of whether it's practical, or violates the laws of physics. In this thread discussing Belgium's decision to drop nuclear power, one poster suggests replacing it with biomass fueled power plants. Never mind how much acreage would have to be plowed under, or that it would probably be a net energy consumer (more energy to process the fuel than it produces) -- it's alternative, so it must be good.

Silliness newyawker99 has almost 25,000 posts, and I'd swear most of them are either congratulatory threads like this one, or "welcome to DU!" salutations to any new posters. You'll also note that (s)he is one of the worst offenders regarding a huge signature line. On my antiquated computer (at 800 x 600) the sig-line takes up a full screen, even with the Show Imbedded Images option turned off.

My opening salvo. Where to start? How about with this one, an ode to chemtrailers no less

Fuzzy Strands Fill Skies Over Texas City

A few posters are disagreeing, but several are jumping on the government conspiracy bandwagon. What a shock, something as goofy as chemtrails goes over at the DU.