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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Water is Becoming a Dangerous Drug. It's a "report" about the USGS finding traces of evil chemicals in rivers and streams.

They've evidently never heard the phrase "the dose makes the poison".

This is why the media hated Al Gore. Naturally, it's corruption.

In 2000, when Karl Rove called General Electric Chairman Jack Welch to guarantee that a Bush Administration would be extremely generous to media conglomerates that were sympathetic to the Texas governor’s presidential campaign, it was a notable moment in history. If only this once, Rove wasn’t lying.


In 2000, the “liberal” media saw an opportunity to earn huge financial rewards by advancing the career of George W. Bush. The corporate news organizations that dominate the flow of information in this country rejected the principles of objectivity and honorable journalism in favor of ingratiating themselves to a corrupt politician who had pledged to reward them once he was in office.
The...kookiness of this isn't all that surprising. However, it's a featured thread on the DU frontpage. I assume this means the management of DU approves of it wholeheartedly.

Senator Frist rendered first air to some accident victims, and of course the DU complains. Longhorn Liberal says:

Black op must be suspected
This is far too convenient and timely to be coincidence.
Check the brake lines and steering linkage of the accident vehicle.
And shove that freaking tin hat bull, I'm not a sheeple any more.

Frist is a sociopath that needs to be exposed.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Big Brother Is Watching you post. A poster asks if he should hit the alert button any time there is a "suspicious" post by a newbie, rather than only alerting blatant rules violations. All of the responding moderators said "YES!". Chilling the dialog much?

Here's a little test. In a thread entitled Clinton Lies, Name Them, a poster asked for a list of Clinton's lies. It's sort of a "nyah-nyah, Bush lies more than Clinton!" juvenile thread. A low-post-count poster named freefallm4 has the temerity to actually list a couple of them. Anyone want to bet the post will be gone tomorrow and / or the poster will be "tombstoned"? Here's what he wrote, preserved here because the DU admin's will probably delete it.

I did not have sex with monica?? please
I never had relations with monica???

You have to be kidding, if he would have told the truth in the first place, apologized to the nation, there would have been no problems, and what about the senator, govener that mysteriously died in arkansas??? thaier is no way to trust Clinton, and if Al Gore had not been associated with him, he would have had enough votes to win the elction without the florida votes/scam.