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Thursday, March 27, 2003

UN To Be Asked To Impose Sanctions On US And Britain . Of course, some DUers are happy.

ribofunk :
Hope this gets legs. I can't wait. What an unexpected humiliation that would be. And sanctions would immediately turn the business community against Bush.

HappySquirrel :
I wonder if they could remove the US and Britain off the Security Council??? There is no Arab representation on the Security Council...Maybe they could make some room, you think??? One seat given to cover the Americas (inclusive) one seat for the Arabs (since France would represent Europe) and a new seat for the Africans...Six permanent members all represented...

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Paranoia, DU style. Do the Adm.'s have plans if the Feds try to shut the site down? The administrators aren't taking it seriously, but good ol' Indiana Green is

If it comes to pass that they shutdown everything using a red alert as a pretext, you should DESTROY everything you have about DU's user base.

Welcome to the Underground phase of the democratic underground.

Did Sadaam really gas his own people? A discussion on an editorial in the New York Times alledging that the Kurds were actually killed by Iranian chemical weapons, not Iraqi.

zizzer writes:
Kurds...aren't realy HIS people are they? I mean they hate him and her seems to hate them...right?,
So what, since they aren't really his people, it's okay to gas them then? Sheesh.

Muddled-headed Liberal Lady thinks the Iraqi's will treat the POWs with kindness.

I noticed that the interviewers spoke in calm, comforting voices, and I saw how one of them put a gentle hand on the shoulder of the young African-American female. Her eyes seemed to express a terrible fear, and that is likely because she was trained/brainwashed by the US miltary to believe all Iraqis are blood-thirsty murderers.

I have faith that the experience of these POWs will leave them non-plussed and very confused. I expect that they will be given good treatment, decent food and clean quarters during their confinement, and that they will be released, unharmed when the time comes.
She gets pasted pretty well by other DU'er for being clueless.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Hey, I'm willing to give some of the DUers credit when it's due. Some of their comments during the Hussein "speech" last night. are pretty good:

looks better than last time -- must be a tape

well, he dyed his moustache for the event

liberal_veteran :
Maybe that's why they are calling it Historic.... It was pulled out of the historical archives???

God has ordered we cut our enemies' throats -- Looks like Saddam has been hearing voices, too.

This is so bad.that it draws comparison to the old Soviet days when they'd prop up a 3-days-dead Yuri Andropov on a parade route

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Sadaam sets oil wells on fire, so naturally, who is to blame? Bush.

Put the blame where it belongs
this is bushes war EVERYTHING that happens a result of bushes unprovoked terrorist attack on the people of Iraq is bushes fault.
BTW in gulf war 1 US special forces started the oil fires.......maybe these too.
I couldn't resist replying to this one.

Chemical Weapons find reports premature. A little bit of anti-Semitism from IndianaGreen:

Blame the Jerusalem Post, they started this lie! For reasons that should be obvious to everyone here!

The soldier in custody for attacking his own command post. Check out the number of posters who think this is, of course, a setup.

Some at the DU think the captured POWs should be shown by the media.

demnan :
Our unjust treatment of prisions in Guatamano Bay comes back home to bite us in the ass.

He said showing photos of prisoners in humiliating positions violates the Geneva Convention. I distinctly remember seeing a number of photos of the people at Gitmo. Oh, I forgot, we never declared them prisoners of war so it doesn't count.
Another poster takes him to task for that comment, stating that the Gitmo pictures were taken by journalists using a telephoto lens, not staged by the military. Surprisingly, he hasn't been "tombstoned" yet.

And this outrage from HawkeyeX:
If the US POW's are being executed then I'm sorry, but the Iraqis does have legal right to do that, after all, it is THEIR country we are invading.

And now for a little light kookiness, Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

Not only is the subject goofy (alleging that the plane was brought down by a directed energy weapon), and the tolerance for an opinion contrary to the conspiracy completely lacking, they're now speculating on who will be next??

BisbeeO spews:
I dare to say that the next "liberal" senator the GOP may go after is Russ Fiengold of Wisconsin. His voting record and support for the common man is close to that of Sen. Wellstone's. Be safe Russ. Watch your backside and always wear a parachute when flying or visiting tall buildings.

[snip useless antiBush diatribe]

This man was NOT elected. Perhaps some of these so called "terrorists" were only trying to help honorable US citizens get the country back.

From the front page of the DU, an open letter expressing their opposition to the war in Iraq. A little dissection:

We are told that we must invade Iraq to prevent further terrorist attacks, when top intelligence officials agree that an invasion will likely increase the possibility of such attacks.
You mean, like the increase in terrorism that happened after Reagan bombed Libya?
We are told that we must invade Iraq to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, when evidence of Iraq's possession of such weapons is unclear.
The possible chemical weapons plant that was discovered today notwithstanding.
We are told that Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator and we must liberate his people, when there are many brutal dictators around the globe who are are guilty of the same crimes — the Bush administration even considers some of them our allies.
Oh, so it's okay to depose a dictator who is slaughtering his own people in Yugoslavia, but not in Iraq
The United States stands virtually alone in the world right now.
Coalition of the willing at 40+ nations now.
The United States sets a dangerous precedent when we attack first — a precedent which, sadly, our enemies will likely be only too happy to exploit.
This makes me so angry I can't think of anything sarcastic. We were attacked first you nitwits.

My apologies. Family health problems have kept me away from this for the last few months.