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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The DU's new rules for the 2004 election. Getting started on the mind control a little early.

Negative attacks are an unavoidable part of any political campaign, and therefore they are permitted against any Democratic presidential candidate. However, once the Democratic party officially nominates its candidate for president, then the time for fighting is over and the negative attacks against candidates must stop. The administrators of this website do not wish for our message board to be used as a platform to attack and tear down the only progressive on the planet with any hope of defeating George W. Bush. Constructive criticism and even outright disappointment with the candidate may be expressed, but partisan negative attacks will not be welcome


Democratic Underground may not be used for political organizing activity by supporters of any political party other than the Democratic party. Supporters of certain other political parties may use Democratic Underground for limited partisan activities in political races where there is no Democratic party candidate.
Goodbye Green Party advocates. Evidently they had quite a problem with the Greens during 2000.

Ok, so some more from that thread linked below. This has all the earmarkins of an agent provacateur:

This has to be the worst day in history .... I would rather put up with ten Saddams than have that loser chimp boy and his ilk in charge

[and two posts below, the same poster says]

He was NOT that bad
I don't want anyone to die BUT,

I think that most if not all of the tales about Saddam were made up by Chimps' buddys so that they and their oil cohorts could have a reason to invade. No leader could have been as bad as they say without the populous rising up and throwing them out of power.
Also why do you think that there was so much resistance ???
If he was so hated and was so bad, no one would have fought for him
That's got to be a plant making fun of the DU. No way is someone who can use a computer actually that dim.

THe Iraqi's in Baghdad are pulling down a statue of Hussein, so naturally some DU'er think the whole thing is staged:

I believe that 90% of what we're going to see from Baghdad in the next few days will be staged propaganda charades.
As opposed to previous, purely spontaneous demonstrations in Sadaam's favor. A lot of "there's only about 70 people, and they were probably hired" kind of comments. The scene's I've been seeing look like considerably larger crowds.

And this bit of filth from clarence:
Jeez this is about to be a really ugly day!!
Our regular weekly morning long sales meeting has just been temporarily postphoned so that we all can go into our boss's office to watch "history being made"! Our boss just called from his car phone so that he could let us know it is happening and to tell her it was okay to postphone so we all could go watch. I am so incredibly sick of this shit!!!
I wonder if clarence thought that Berliner's pulling down the wall was a horrifying sight also.

One more, from NEONINK
When the hell did the Democratic party, of which I belong, become such hell-bent on seeing everything negative?

I swear, DU can't be happy for just a moment in that these people might actually enjoy a day a freedom.
He's been tombstoned of course.

Okay, one more (the last, honestly), from Menin_Aeide_Thea :
How do we know
that it was a statue of the real Saddam Hussein?
Did they just take down a body double?
Also tombstoned, but pretty funny.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Let the spinning begin! Regarding the discovery of BM-21 rockets potentially loaded with cheical munitions, some DU'ers still don't think it's a problem:

"medium range"--still not an imminent threat to US
I don't give a damn what they find...this invasion was not justified.
A few posts later, venting77 rewrites history.
It was a given before the invasion that Saddam was in violation
of the UN resolution...THAT IS NOT THE POINT! The point is whatever Saddam had in Iraq WAS NOT AN IMMINENT THREAT TO THE US OR HIS NEIGHBORS since he had no plans or means to deliver anything anywhere! We patrolled his skies and our eye-in-the-sky knew every move he made. This invasion was not necessary and the deaths of all our soldiers were in it or not!
Huh? Assuming that the initial reports of the BM-21's loaded with chemical weapons is true (which is debatable), having them loaded and ready to fire isn't an imminent threat to Iraq's neighbors?

In the words of Steve Verdon, un-fucking-believable.genz23 :
I'm Apparently ...
Not the only one in DU who has wished that this war not succeed. Witness the comments about why the Iraqis didn't mine or fortify. Many of us keep our eye on the ball which is the eventual toppling of this unlawful regime, the fight to disarm the US and make it unable to threaten others with imperial wars and the establishment of Progressive governments all over the world. Smash the fascist insect! All power to the people!