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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Just an observation. It apeears that Godwin's law doesn't apply at the DU. On normal (and I use the term loosely) internet discussion boards, linking someone to Hitler / Nazis is usally a thread-killer. On the DU, just accuse a Republican of being a Nazi and you get a chorus of Me-Too's. Such as this thread about Ann Coulter.

And so much for their rule about posting sexist comments. I guess it's okay to make fun of a woman's looks as long as she's a conservative:

If that is the best ass that the GOP can get...
then they are in trouble. Personally, I find her very unattractive. I'm sure her beligerant personallity adds to her ugliness but she is just not beautiful.

Yes, she is thin and has no figure and blond hair. BUT what people cant get beyond is that "NAZI" attitude she has and that horrible smoker voice.

If she worked out, got a boob job and never spoke, she would still be a "GOPer NAZI propogandist
Reading some other comments from BushHATER1, I suspect he's trolling. But since he's spouting antiBush venom, I doubt he'll get banned. Link to BushHATER1's profile. We'll see if he gets tombstoned.

Ummm, could you get worked up about something any more trivial?So you can Google someone's phonenumber and get an address from it. Whoopie.

Being watched by everyone, able to be tracked down by anyone...yikes. I feel like this is Nazi Germany!
Wow, Nazi Germany. Wow. Some posters further down point out that it's really no big deal.

Monday, April 21, 2003

Why do we tombstone posters whose opinios we don't like? The answer is simple -- you can't stomach having your odd world view challenged.


I would also say this. By being so exclusive, w/o restricting access to the content to members only, we allow the truly silly contingent to run rampant on this forum w/o fear of being contradicted, and the opposition uses their words to make all of us look foolish.
I wonder if DarkPhenyx (interesting spelling) reads DUMB?

IMHO, it's not the opinion per se (or its espression) that results in tombstoning; it's behavior that disrupts productive discourse on DU accompanied by blatant intellectual dishonesty.
Not true, or HenryJones wouldn't be "tombstoned".

Throw on the blinders
Look straight ahead, engage only your friends and pretend that there is no opposite voice to hear? Do you really believe that by blocking dissent you further the cause of the Democratic party? Do you really belive if you allowed dissent that conservatives would rush to DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND in droves? That they would simply aim to disrupt with unthoughtful, unprovoked witticisms, that they would not add an important voice to your debates (and I use the term loosely since there are no real debates here, just a loose consortium of conspiracy theory threads)? Do you really belive you are better than them when they would never block you except for the most egregious excesses?
I doubt they see the irony that meowmeow has been tombstoned.

Conspiracy Wackos reliving the Wellstone crash. Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies Recommended..

Wellstone was murdered, just like Mel Carnahan was. The Nazi Republicans DO kill people to keep power. Period.

Norn Coleman Knows...
How it happened. He and his friend shrub who just happened to be visiting the cities at the time stumping for Coleman.
Paul Wellstone was murdered. We in MN know that and we know by whom.

I think that a pulse generator was used. They couldn't defeat him so they had to kill him. He was the conscience of the Senate.

Having done hundreds of criminal and civil investigations as ...
an investigator (criminal defense), and ivestigative journalist, and as an attorney -
I Believe that the most likley scenario is still the ue of what is known as an electro-magnetic pulse device which knocks out electric fields and causes an engine to lose power (and a beacon to cease).

The evidence for this is pretty straightforward:

1. The plane crashed due to a sudden loss of speed (it was going so slow it literally "fell" after a "stall" - and while it glided into its crash....

2. There were no distress calls. No communications were recorded - not even a "Mayday"

3. The beacon also ceased operating or was "off"

[counterpoint to the above] karlschneider
You refuse to accept facts. An "emp weapon" can NOT affect the
flight controls of a King Air. You have been told this no less than a hundred times by people including myself who have flown them and know how they work. Give it a ******* rest.