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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Economic cluelessness at the DU.

The most logical way of stimulating the economy is a government jobs program, hands down.
That is the most direct way of getting money into the hands of people who will spend it. And it has the added benefit of accomplishing public good.
EconomicsDude's reply is surprisingly calm. My reaction was "what a dunderhead"

Monday, April 28, 2003

I speculated earlier that Godwin's Law doesn't apply at the DU, and evidently I was right. Bush and Nazis

North Korea Offered to Scrap Nuclear Program-. This is a discussion of North Korea's latest offer to stop making nuclear weapons if the US does...something. All DUers who think this is a good idea, raise your hands:

.....and just what did North Korea indeed offer?
Sounds good to me whatever it was.

The N.Koreans offered what sounds like a reasonable proposal, and the Americans jumped up and said hell no! We can't have that. We are outta here.

The Administration wouldn't be all that upset if Kim nuked a major city on the West Coast. We never voted for him or his pop out here.
Then W can REALLY go on a rampage. Martial Law. Invade Everybody.
Nevermind the morality of appeasement or negeotiating with blackmailers, isn't this a bad precedent to set? If you want to get the US to the bargaining table, just develop nukes.