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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Thread about Deanna Laney killing her children. This unhinged woman bludgeoned her kids to death, so the DU takes the opportunity to bash religion. I guess bigotry is okay as long as it's against Christians

ricky the dog [editor deletes obscenity] santorum should rush to her defense because she is his kind of girl. KILL YOUR BABIES FOR CHRIST, REPUBLICAN FAMILY VALUES. No death penalty for this MISS GOP. And I'm sure rush and sean will blame clinton. LET US ALL DEVOTE OURSELVES TO RIDDING THE WHITE HOUSE OF REPUBLICANS.....

Indict Jesus?
For aiding and abetting?

think that symptoms of bi-polar illness, if not too extreme, could go unnoticed in a fervent religious community - so she may have had this condition for some time, but was able to function with it given the mindset and activities of a cult, and not perceived as abnormal or troubled.

Yep. Very Very easily. Think about it. She acts one way, they tell her is it the devil - and this is not just in churches that are extreme, folks. Your standard issue Baptist church will be happy to make you believe that anything you do that isn't what they dictate is Satan controlling you. She acts another way (submissive, calm, noncombative) and they reward this behavior and say she is walking with god. It's easy to label mental illness, especially mood swings and emotional disorders, as "struggles with the flesh vs the spirit". And depending on the church, even extreme mental illness can be explained in terms of a spiritual battle between good and evil. I've seen it first hand, and it's scary the things that people will justify as spiritual that are biochemical.

Her family should SUE the crap out of her brother-in-law preacher and the church involved. How long is this type of crime going to be created and abetted by religion? If "anyone" other than God had been talking to her, she'd have been cared for as the sick person she was. Instead, the crutch (er, church) just fanned the flames of mental illness. If she was my relative, I'd figure out a way to shut that place down. [note -- assuming facts not in evidence -- is there anyone who had prior knowledge that she was hearing voices?]

Newer Smaller Nuclear Weapons development has the weenies in a tither.

I've been on vacation. I would highly recommend the audio tour of Antietam National Battlefield.