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Friday, May 23, 2003

This really hits a nerve with me. Thread about a Republican Congressman denouncing his opponents for spreading rumors that he's gay.


As a gay Democrat, I find it repugnant that another gay
person would support the Republican party. It is even more offensive to me when a "gay" person is elected as a "closeted Republican". You can not be more hypocritical than that!
And, I loathe the "Log Cabin Republicans" who have sold their souls to the devil. To them $$$ is more important than a social agenda. They couldn't care less about gay or other minority rights. Period.

My dear grandmother used to say, "the Democrats are the ONLY ones who ever helped in social causes and with the working men and women of America." Amen to that.

And, a gay Republican is a sell-out in my book!

F*** them all!
That pretty much summarizes my problems with the gay-activist community. They expect gays to be single issue voters, loyal to the Democratic party no matter what. That's a formula for being taken for granted. I guess gays aren't supposed to be concerned about other issues, like national security, foreign policy, tax cuts, or Social Security reform.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I consipary theory that I haven't run across. Evidently there were some eyewitness reports (another indictment of the reliability of eyewitnesses) that flight 93 was being followed by another jet. The originator of this thread thinks it was an A-10.

Devils Advocate NZ :

So I had an aircraft that may fit the description, but could there have been a grey A-10 Warthog close enough to have shot down Flight 93? The answer, I was very surprised to learn, is YES!

The 111th Fighter Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard is based in Willow Grove, less than 100 miles from Shanksville where Flight 93 came down. The 111th just so happens to be equipped with A-10 Warthogs and they are painted in the light grey colour scheme! In fact here is a picture of one of the 111th's aircraft

[later post by the same poster]

By the way, considering that the 111th is a ANG unit, and (I believe) ANG units come under the authority of the state's Governor, is it any wonder that Tom Ridge, the Governor of Pennsylvania on Sept 11, was "promoted" to Secretary of Homeland Security?
Further down there are several posts from someone claiming to be an air traffic controller in PA who works with the crew that were on duty on 9/11. I guess he didn't realize that discussing facts with an AFDB wearer will get you labeled a psyops agent:

This seems to be a real issue with you. If you want another conspiracy theory, there's supposedly a very high-powered laser at College Station, PA that could have been used to shoot down an aircraft.
I just happened upon the thread and thought I'd let everybody know that my co-workers related the same story as the "official" version. I didn't realize that this made me a co-conspirator.

[further down]

As for my alleged residence in Langley, why is it so hard for you to believe that I do, in fact, work for the FAA and WHY, if I was CIA, would I be here pretending to be an air traffic controller?

[and still further down]

When and if I choose to call you a blithering idiot or a self-important deluded conspiracy theorist, you'll know.