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Friday, June 13, 2003

Oh,mice. What should we do about Jonah Goldberg?

Hang Him Up By His Penis. The Rest Is Up To You.

Q&C thread about an incredibly bigoted thread.

why hasn't this clearly bigoted thread been locked?
This thread breaks the rules about religious bigotry.
What Cheswick doesn't realize is that religious bigorty is acceptable, nay, encouraged, at the DU as long as it is against Christians. I've alerted several posts that were anti-Christian, to no avail.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

More Bush = Nazi crapola

greatauntoftriplets :
Wonder if Presidents Cheney and Rove and their puppetboy
plan to use Xyklon B gas at the Gitmo death camp.... There would be a certain irony in that.

Getting rid of the inheritance tax, for Bush, is basically more nazi money laundering since his inheritance derives mostly from nazi cash.

An update on the Cuba thread. A poster named Mika claims that Cuba is already a democracy and provides several links "proving" it. Read the links for some serious amusement.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

A discussion of gun-rights leads to this comment from someone calling himself an anarcho-communist (which another poster calls and oxymoron):

Communism is merely an economic system, not a political one. It is characterized by two things:
1) the distribution of goods based upon need; and,
2) the absence of wage labour

The idea that communism is inherently totalitarian is based upon the false assumption that a central government is the only political mechanism by which it can be implemented.
Uhh, okay. One of the other posters provides a perfect reply.
"the false assumption that a central government is the only political mechanism by which it can be implemented. "
What's the other mechanism? Magick?

Discussing a speech by Colin Powell to the OAS regarding Cuba. Some of the more over-the-top comments:

annagull :
OAS. please help us to dismantle your democratic gov'ts?

Germany, June 9 -- DU participator ze_dscherman today challenged Western Hemisphere nations to work toward the goal of ending several years of PNAC and BFEE control in the U.S, which has become a threat to world peace and democracy.
"I look forward to working with my partners in the DU to find ways to hasten the inevitable democratic transition in the United States," ze_dscherman told members of the DU at their daily discussion forum.

OAS must veto all American terrorism qgainst Cuba and the WORLD
Powell is the kiss of death in any peaceful attempt at democracy anywhere . He is a footman for the Bush terrorists and is totally discredited for his fraudulent speeches to the United Nations. Cuba is not a threat to the WAR making terror by the USA and in fact, Cuba is a victim of the USA, It is forced to have a criminal concentration camp on its soil that is reeking with human rights violations.
The USA has set up terrorist camps in Florida and in Central America to maintain its dictatorships and harassment of countries that refuse to bow down to American terrorism and its WAR against countries self determination.

Powell has been sited as a WAR Criminal by the WAR CRimes Tribunal along with many other American Terrorist leaders. Cuba needs the OAS to warn the USA to cease and desist its 45 year WAr of terror against Cuba.
That last one is over the top for whacko-ism.

After several of these responses, robcon blasts the participants:
As far as I see, the responses to the post are just more sickening defenses of the Cuabn dictatorship and gulag by DU members. I know there are some people on DU who take the defense of democratic instutuions seriously, who are willing to criticize totalitarian dictators from the right or left. But there seem to be an awful lot of DUers who don't mind police states if they are leftist police states, like Cuba.
Well, duh, its a Socialist Workers Paradise, of course they like it.

More dancing on graves. This time it's Donald Regan

Rick Myers
Hell is getting crowded!!!

O happy day!

An update on the frequently banned disruptor. Same thread.

why did I get banned in the first place? As another poster said in this thread you banned them for no reason and they had to pay to get back in. Well if you want to blackmail people thats fine, but im not going to pay to get in to something I was unfairly banished from. I know what the rules say, but you still havent said why I was banned, I have emailed you and asked you on here and you still havent answered me. I also dont know how I am a disruptor. I come, I post about Democratic things, I read others, I reply. How is that disruptive?
A couple of things:
1. No, I am not doing this.
2. I do wonder if the person who IS doing this reads this blog.

Heddi finally tells him why:
because you continue to re-register when it has been made MORE than clear that you are (currently) not welcome at DU. It has nothing to do with whether you donate or not.
We will not say on this public board why you were banned (originally), as that is a matter between admins, moderators, and yourself.

How long ago did you email Admin? Have you given them time to respond (i.e. more than 2 minutes)?

The fact of the matter is that you have been banned. Repeatedly. You have spammed the board with your Draft Gore stuff. Repeatedly. Both of these actions are against the rules, and both of these can result in a turning-off of your account, which has happened, repeatedly.
I can see why this poster continues to ask questions in public -- the Admins never responded to my email when HenryJones got axed. The page you get when you try to log on after being banned explicitly states that they won't reply if they don't want to. (I'd link it, but blogspot seems to have eaten the archive page that has it)

Monday, June 09, 2003

C&Q discussion regarding a poster who has been frequently banned and keeps asking "why was I banned?" This caught my eye:

I have been previously banned due to a large mistake on my part, and emailed the admins numerous times asking why. They never responsed so I finally had to give in and send a donation to clear everything up. It was a pain but it was worth it to be able to post again.
Emphasis added. Is it just me, or is this a little venal? All was forgiven because she ponied up a little cash?

Several bloggers (Such as Steve Verdon, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit) have been posting about the famine in North Korea, and the possible cannibalism reported in this Daily Telegraph article. See wat some DUers are saying about it in this thread. It's propoganda.

study_war_no_more :
A pattern of demonization towards any who oppose us is always the first step towards military action henceforth as american troops move seventy five miles back from frontline stories emerge on people eating their children. How many times have we seen this? Noriega voodoo and drugs-Saddams gassing of troops and the "Plastic shredder" Its classical Orwellian behavior sell the war. Native Americans were accused of the same thing by the way.

Jack The Tab :
This is such HORSESHIT! Human beings are human beings no matter what country they live in. To even think that North Koreans would eat their children is absolutely ridiculous and actually quite despicable. Human beings would eat anything, ANYTHING before resorting to canniblism, and frankly, I think a lot of people would rather die of starvation than eat another person. This is the most blatant piece of shithole propaganda.
There may have been one report of one instance of this, which gives this piece of shit paper the justification for making a blanket statement.

This is horrible, muckracking journalism. Expect to see it on FAUX news soon