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Thursday, June 19, 2003

At the Democratic Underground, we do not tolerate any form or religious bigotry, well, err, that is, except bigotry against fundamentalist Christians. Note, some of these quotes are from Skinner, the administrator.

This post is obviously about conservative fundamentalist types.
IT is not a slam against all Christians. Nor is it a slam against all born-again Christians. It is a slam against a small group of conservative fundamentalists who dislike Harry Potter.

Sorry, but if a small group of conservative fundamentalists believes that Harry Potter teaches satanism or whatever, then they deserve our ridicule.

what you seem to be saying is that it is okay to riducule people not because of their actions which might impinge on your rights, but because of what they believe. You are saying that it is right to ridicule people because their beliefs are different than yours.


I did.
I stand by my post.

okay , I just want to clarify
If I think keeping Kosher (for instance) is worthy of ridicule that is okay?

Keeping Kosher is a normal religious observance.
Being afraid of Harry Potter is, well, ridiculous.
He gets crucified for this by several posters. This is the best:
So what are "normal" religious observances?
Is there a list somewhere?
Because it'd be interesting to know which ones are worthy of protection and which can be safely ridiculed.

Catholic Eucharist?

Muslim prayers 5 times a day?

Jews who respect the Sabbath?

Hindus who regard cows as sacred?

I know people who regard these as nonsensical as the Harry Potter issue. Can these beliefs be ridiculed here?
How's this for a radical thought -- make fun of the individuals holding the silly opinion that Harry Potter is satanic, without smearing all Christians?

Monday, June 16, 2003

In another living-in-the-past thread, DUers hope Bill Clinton will run for NYC mayor..grytpype
This is great, great news.
It's going to give him a platform and increase his visibility. We need him around, he's one of the few popular Democrats we have.

I say "you go Big Dog"....a great mayor of NY
Can't wait to hear the freepers freaking out about this. Bill Clinton...the greatest president of the 20th century. Take that, freepers. I did like this comment:

At this point, Bloomberg would lose to Sharpton. Hell...
Bloomberg would lose to Elmo. We hatessss him, yesss we doessss.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

So what're the DUers saying about the protests in Iran? It's propoganda.

I'd bet money the Cia is working behind the protests.

Supporting them while they beat us, round us up like cattle and send us to jail for protesting here in the States.

I'm sure much of the anti-mullah sentiment on the part of the students is real -- but the timing is suspicious. The last few weeks the Bushits have been ramping up the pressure and rhetoric regarding Iran -- I'm sure there's been some agitating by 'special forces.'
I'm sure they're going to go on and on about Iran -- making Americans more and more anxious, until some incident makes it imperitive that we march on Tehran. And since our military is already over there -- why not kill two Muslim countries with one build-up. Of course, Rove wants it all just in time for the election.
A poster slaps them around for it. I'm sure the post will disappear, so I'll preserve it here:
DU sides with an extreme theoracy now
over reformist student demonstrators ? The Iranian reformist movement has been building momentum for several years now, long before war in Iraq was on the radar screens. Elections have clearly shown the desire of the people but the ayetollahs have used their authority and militias to block and blunt meaningful reform.

Myself I wish the demonstrators all the luck in the world in reclaiming their nation from the mullahs. Certainly they will need it, especially if their cause is sneered at by their natural allies simply because Bush said a word in their favor.
He gets pasted for it, repeatedly.

It's funny to see someone accuse them of hypocricy, since I don't see anything hypocritcal in their position. They support monolithic totalitarian governments, plain and simple. They're remarkably consistent in that aspect.