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Monday, June 23, 2003

Time for a trip into the DU's equivalent of the loony bin, the 911 forum. Everyone, what do you consider the Top Ten 9-11 Smoking Guns Here's a hoot:

clarence :
10. Jet fuel cannot melt steel.
9. The last tower hit fell first. Explosives?
8. Ashcroft stopped flying commercial in July.
7. 5 Trillion dollar derivitives bubble was set to explode.
6. 100 million dollars in UAL and AMR short selling still unclaimed. What, brokers don't know whose name they're in?
5. Bush Sr in league with Osama, Saddam, Noriega, S&L, Iran-Contra, Moon, rogue CIA, Carlyle.
4. Prophecy: see Bzrezinski, Pipes, Goebbels.
3. Warnings from ISI, Mossad, spies everywhere.
2. Anti-freedom and anti-civil liberties legislation sorely needed to ramrod fear-based, fundamentalist, Christian-right, Zionist, world domination, Orwellian, BFEE agenda.
1. When Andy Card told him the second tower was hit, he listened for twenty minutes to story about a girl's pet goat, with a somber look on his face, like he never had a problem in this world that wasn't supposed to happen, or that Daddy couldn't buy him clear of.
Jeez, I feel like I need a shower now. This makes alt.conspiracy look tame sometimes.

The Disruptor who wouldn't go away.

As you may know, I have been banned alot in the past for reasons unknown to me and the admin. I am a Democrat and always have been. They said I am a disruptor. The people here said email the admin. Well I did 6 months ago and this month and have gotten no response. Their policy is if you are banned, you cant ever come back. That is a good rule, except if they ban you for a reason that is unknown. The mods dont even know what I did. I dont even know what I did. I have presented my democratic websites I have created and they still say I am a disruptor. It's bad when a person comes over here, who is part of the party and wants to join the community and is turned away everytime and accussed of being a troll/disruptor when that person has never done anything to get banned.
My point is, what did I do to start out with? No one knows! I dont know. I am a Democrat! That rule is crazy not to let people back in! I did nothing to start out with. So why keep banning me?

Please help!
Gee, what a shock, someone was banned and doesn't get an answer when he asks why. This person is just being silly, he should get a new account (with a completely different name) and stop drawing attention to himself. Unless, of course, that is his intent in the first place, and he derives some sort of pleasure from that.