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Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy 4th!

Close Call for Sandra Day O'Connor (almost hit by falling beam) A BFEE conspiracy naturally.

The works of Bush Sr & Jr
They want to get rid of her so that they can appoint another right winger to the Supreme Court.

Guess she wouldn't get in the small plane

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

This comment speaks for itselfwakfs:

At this point....
...I would even accept blatant lies from my candidate if it meant overturning the Bush junta.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The DU forum call The Meeting Room is inhabited (or infested) with astrologers. An anti-astrology type posted this list of 10 embarassing questions for astrologers. I've edited out the discussion of each point and only included the questions, which are pretty good.


1. What is the likelihood that one-twelfth of the world's population is having the same kind of day?
2. Why is the moment of birth, rather than conception, crucial for astrology?
3. If the mother's womb can keep out astrological influences until birth, can we do the same with a cubicle of steak?
4. If astrologers are as good as they claim, why aren't they richer?
5. Are all horoscopes done before the discovery of the three outermost planets incorrect?
6. Shouldn't we condemn astrology as a form of bigotry?
7. Why do different schools of astrology disagree so strongly with each other?
8. If the astrological influence is carried by a known force, why do the planets dominate?
9. If astrological influence is carried by an unknown force, why is it independent of distance?
10. If astrological influences don't depend on distance, why is there no astrology of stars, galaxies, and quasars?
So other skeptics have piped in too. The pro-astrology group seems to be resonding with ad hominem attacks
Do you have a hobby other than ranking on astrologers and astrology believers?????

Realize, LiberalLibra, that the Meeting Room is virtually overwhelmed with astrology posts. Astrology skeptics have to wonder, do YOU have a hobby other than trying to pin cosmological significance to everything short of mouse farts?
I'm actually quite impressed with a poster named lazarus
FWIW, studies have been done. None have ever shown astrology to have much more success than random chance, but of course those studies don't count because they didn't use real astrologers. Apparently, the only real astrologers are the ones that will get everything right.

BTW, the "strident demand" for evidence isn't. It's simply an acknowledgement of reality.

As it stands, astrology has as much evidence to support it as I have evidence to support the Invisible Pink Unicorn hypothesis. None.

Asking for evidence isn't outrageous unless no evidence exists.

Notice that your comments about "facts" and scientists includes evidence, of which we have none for astrology.

It's become trendy to call science a religion, or skepticism a religion, or atheism. It makes people feel better, because that puts their mystical beliefs in sky fairies or Invisible Pink Unicorns or astrology or magnet therapy or any other of host of bunk on a par with science. It's a cute trick, but redefining things doesn't change what they are.

Oh, and if you're worried about evidence being manipulated, don't be. Despite repeated requests (not demands), no evidence has ever been forthcoming, and I seriously doubt any ever will be. If you go back a few months, to the early days of the Meeting Room, you'll see that the skeptics, led by Stuckinthebush, did indeed try to work with the astrologers. We were told they weren't interested.

So much for "the true spirit of inquiry, and the real process."

Democrats need Clinton.

Bill Clinton said..
that he felt Wesley Clark would make a good president. Without actually endorsing him Clinton noted that Clark had the experience, knowledge, intelligence and integrity to serve our country as president. Interesting.

He said the same about Kerry and Edwards, too...
He'll be gracious to all of them, and work behind the scenes to angle for his favs.
Bill Clinton "gracious" and "work behind the scenes"? You've got to be kidding, one of the most narcissistic self-aggrandizing individuals in recent history would stay behind the scenes?

Monday, June 30, 2003

Oh get a grip. The Senate is working on a measure to move the Dept. of Homeland Security up the list of presidential succession to number 8 (right after Attorney General). The DU overreacts:


Anyone else besides me find the timing curious????
Could it be there is something in the works that may come to fruition just before Nove 2004????? Why would there be need for change in the line of succession at all????


They are trying to make the Homeland/Fatherland/Motherland Security Dept.
more important and more powerful. With this move, they can point at the line of succession to "prove" to folks how important this department is.
Just one more step towards Fascist/Communist America.
How about the simple explanation: the Secretary of Homeland Security is probably in a better position, national-security-wise, than the current 8th in line, the Secretary of the Interior?

Hey, what do you know, my predicition on Sunday came true. Thread about Ronald Reagan's future death. I predicted someone would link it to the 2004 elections.


just want to be the first to say...
That Rotten Ronnie's death is coming soon, and you can bet it will be curiously coincidental and well-timed for one event or another.
Hell, he could be dead right now, a la Stalin, and they're just waiting to announce his death at a 'convenient' time...


They're waiting to thaw the Ronsicle
until just the right moment..Like if * is behind in the polls .
And for a truly warped comment, we get this:

Does Nancy know Poppy was involved in assassination
attempt against Ronnie??
Is that why she hates junior??
GHWB was involved with Hinkley? What the f*** planet is loudsue living on?

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Looks like Blogger has made some changes. Here's hoping that the archives don't keep disappearing.

Preemptive dancing on Republican graves. Ronald Reagan this time.


After the Wellstone memorial we were all lectured by conservatives that there is a "correct" way to mourn (though I doubt any of these people were sorry Wellstone died). Very well then. When their hero, Ronald Reagan dies it will be incumbent on all of us to hold these folks to exactly the same standards of decorum. If some Young Republican takes to the rostrum and gives an impassioned speech about the need to elect George W. Bush in 2004 as a tribute to Ronald Reagan people on our side should be ready to pounce, hard, on the Right's politicization of the former President's death. The Wellstone memorial was used to mobilize the Right for the 2002 election. I am simply suggesting that if the Right makes the same mistake with the Reagan memorial,whenever that may be, our side should use their errors to rally Democratic constituencies.

[later post]

I am also concerned that if Reagan dies in October of 2004 the Right will be increasingly mobilized. I know for a fact that FOXNEWS, and to a lesser extent the other networks too, have prepared many hours of mostly favorable and puff piece documentaries on Ronald Reagan which will air in the 72 hours after he kicks off.
I have a prediction, assuming this thread gets any more action (it's Sunday, and the DU denizens have extremely short attention spans, so the thread might bubble off the bottom of the list). Anyway, I predict that someone will state something to the effect that Republicans will time Reagan's passing to help with the 2004 election.

Afterall, some DUers accused Jim Talent (R-MO) of staging his father's death to help with his election.

Time to start smearing Arnold. Guardian UK Arnold Schwarzenegger father has Nazi connection The veracity of the story is questionable (I mean, it is the Guardian afterall), but the DU reaction is predictable. Some point out that it isn't really relevant, but others respond with:

I agree It might not be relevant, but since the Bushies have
Nazi connection's (prescott bush)I thought how fitting.

This makes him clearly unqualified to be governor...
but don't rule out a presidential run.

Dancing on Republican graves, part 15 or 16 (I've lost count). This time it's Strom Thurmond.

buff2 :
And they also have to pay their respects.........
To another one of their repuke bigoted haters! [puking icon]

Then this will be a white sheet affair after all?

He finally died, as in, quit breathing?
Or will the Senate embalm him and call it "life support?"
I love this one:
I wonder why this memorial
is so much different then Wellstone's? What was it about Mr. Wellstone that made everyone want to be there, to be seen; and why does not one want their faces seen at this old knarly racist's memorial, besides the stench that is? Could it be that Senator Wellstone did positive things and Knarled and Grissly did negative things?
Gee, it might have something to do with it being organized as a respectful memorial instead of a blatent political rally.