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Saturday, July 12, 2003

A reaction from a DUer to this blog.

I'm sure you already know this.

Let us see if they have enough integrity to post the following:

DUMB criticizes DU for not allowing opinions from the Right to be posted, and for banning said posters.

Is DUMB willing to play fair and criticize FreeRepublic for this practice as well? They do the same thing. In fact they do it on a harsher scale, because at least here at DU, we are allowed to post links to conservative commentary(it's fun to rip them apart). At FR, threads which link to Left leaning commentary are frequently pulled.

So DUMB, fairness and integrity? Or bias and hypocrisy?
I just do this for entertainment. I find the Left extremely funny sometimes, particularly the raving extreme leftwing present at the DU. I have no pretentions of balance or "fairness". This is an opinion blog; I have no illusions about this being balanced journalism.

Frankly, "they do it too!!" is hardly a defense for the general behavior of the administrators at DU.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Once more into the booby-hatch of the 9/11 forum. Here is a "poll" (survey really) of the conspiracy inhabitants on their "HOP" level: Did Bush:
1. Made It Happen on Purpose
2. Let It Happen on Purpose
3. Let it happen because of stupidity
4. Other.

MIHOP and LIHOP are running neck-and-neck.

Further down, one of my favorite anti-konspiracy posters, LARED, gets into it with an appologist/denier for Radical Islam:

Talk about a weighty endorsement. Willie Nelson endorses Kucinich. Nothing left to do but count the votes (on one set of fingers and toes probably). Some other endorsements listed in this thread.

Hello to any visitors from the DU, particularly SoCalDem! [If I wew graphics savvy I'd put the little waving-hand smiley guy here]

This is the first evidence I've seen that anyone at the DU bothers reading this blog.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Thread wondering about whether they should have a forum debating the Right. Here are two posts from unclefuzzzy

[post 1, emphasis added]

I am sure that there are people from both forums that can have a friendly but spirited debate.

I realize that there are some here @ DU, and some from that just cannot have an debate as mentioned above, but there are many from both forums that can.

Now to let you know right from the start with this reply being my first post here on the DU forum that I am a Freeper. I will not try to hide my political views from anyone, make people think I am somebody I am not (as I know some Freepers have done in the past), I will always be honest with you my political leanings..

You probably will almost never change my mind about most things politics, and I probably won't change yours either, but I think I can have a friendly and spirited debate with many here in these forums.

Another reason I joined this evening is that there are many threads here, some political, some not, that every once in a while I have wanted to add my two cents to...

Well whether this idea goes anywhere or not, see you in the forums.


[second post]

I will be the first to admit that there are persons on that would not be able to have a friendly and spirited debate here on DU, just as I'm sure that there are some here on DU that couldn't do the same at the forum...

But I am sure there are many from both that can have that friendly and spirited debate.


And as I stated in my previous post to this thread, I openly admit to being a Freeper, and I don't think I fit your description, "Freepers are the nastiest, least civilzed, ill-informed, anti-democracy nutsacks in the country. Thes fascists wouldn't (and couldn't) engage in a polite discourse of political opinion if their lives depended on it.", of Freepers..


Oh, and I noticed this bit of unintended honesty:
ANYONE who wants to "debate" the "virtues" of rabid rightwing vitriol vs the common sense and truth of the progressives, can find about 1 MILLION chatrooms and forums ..

DU is the ONE place where we do NOT need their "oh so generous" input..
Millions of chatrooms and forums for the Right, only the DU for the left... gee, might that be because it's not the RIGHT that is full of "rabid vitriol"?

Monday, July 07, 2003

I don't like California Governor Davis. Among other things, I think he is largely responsible for exacerbating the energy crisis in 2000. However, I'm ambivalent on the recall effort -- if anyone deserves it, it's Mr. Davis, but I don't like the procedure. I think California needs to look at revamping this particular law. However, it is the current law, so they need to follow it.

Anyway, the point of this little rant is this thread: The California Solution.

know many think this recall effort will fail to make the ballot. I sure hope it does. But in case it makes the ballot here is our solution. The Lt Gov runs on the replacment ballot with no other left wing candidate. If Davis wins then cool. If not the Lt Gov takes over and appoints Davis the new Lt Gov. Then he resigns and appoints Davis Governor and Davis appoints him Lt Gov. Let the Republican rat bastards stew on that.
Talk about subverting the will of the voters.

The DU switched to a new version of their software over the weekend, and it seems to have gone surprisingly smoothly. Unfortunately, all the previous threads were transformed to Read Only.