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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Let's see what the loons are saying about the death of Uday and Qusay. I am frequently amazed by the lengths some DUers will go to just to feul their hatred of GWB. As one seemingly rational poster in this thread (demdave) says, killing these two brutal thugs is a good thing. (I probably should praise demdave -- since he has less than 1000 posts and a similar name to mine, he'll probably get banned.)

we just murdered two bad guys without a trial or due process in their own country. We can show our national pride and pretend other people don't like us cause we claimed their natural resources which evryone knows are ours. Manifest destiny they just don't get it.

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Murdering the families of heads of state is a great precedence to set
I'm sorry, if these guys are such criminals they should have been brought to justice, not just murdered by our military. Convenient isn't it?

aquart [this one is just sick]
Good thing the Bush twins don't like travel any more than Dad.

Someone overseas might think they're fair game

haymaker [aluminum foil hat time]
Just in the nick of time...........again.
How fortunate for George. He sure is lucky. I wonder when the killing of Saddam or Osama will happen. Hmmmm, let's see, around October '04? Yeah, that's the ticket.
Another seemingly rational DUer posts the following:

I'll get flamed for this I'm sure, so I'm putting on the asbestos boxers, but reading a few of the posts here, it's no wonder the Freepers called some of the anti-war protestors Saddam lovers. Irregardless of the politics of the war, these two men were human rights criminals who, if captured, would have went to trial and almost certainly have been found guilty of crimes against humanity by ANY court in the world. The punishment for their crimes in Iraq would have been death. The facts were there for any to look up and read even before the Bush media blitz to demonize Saddam. These two men were simply monsters who have been brutalizing Iraqi civilians for over a decade, and even attempted to kill one another! To ignore the vast amounts of evidence gathered on these two before Bush was even in office would be unbelievable. I have no problem debating the methods used to capture these men or the illegality of the war we started on faulty information. However, I can't believe there would be any debate over whether or not these two men deserved to die. No, it wont stop the attacks. No, it won't give Bush any more credibility on the WMD flap. But I'm not going to shed a tear for these men who are responsible for the deaths of thousands of their own people.
Sadaam lovers? Nah, just simple-minded "everything Bush does is wrong!" partisan hacks.